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Admittedly I’ve had my Motorola Droid for several months now (and yes, I’m still mulling over a hands-on review on why I think it’s one of the finest technology purchases I’ve made in years) but thanks to AppBrain I can show the world all of the apps that I have installed on my Droid.

Among some of my favorites that I use all of the time? TripIt has been invaluable for all of the traveling I’ve done across the country in the past several months, Yelp has been wonderful for even finding things to eat in my own neighborhood, Shazam has helped me tag songs I’ve heard on the radio so I could identify them, and NPR news has helped me find radio to listen to no matter what state I’m in.

That’s not even the extent of the awesomeness – Google Sky is an app that has to be seen to be believed, and Key Ring has slimmed my wallet significantly. If you’re curious about any of these apps though, just click on them in the widget above to learn more about them!

Do you have an android phone? What do you have installed? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My Android Apps :: What’s Installed on My Phone

  1. David

    I love app recommendations! Thank you, thank you! When you find something new you love and use a lot, please post again.

  2. brian h.

    Try “Replica Island.” It’s a fantastic sidescroller. Also, Google Listen (and WFMU’s app) for podcasts. xScope and Dolphin are great browsers. Advanced Task Killer is a must for battery life.

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