Video: Hot Jetpack Action

A friend passed this along to me earlier today – the Martin Jetpack is a real device; works (as the video shows) fairly well, and gives the controller incredible control over their flight. The jetpack is made by the Martin Aircraft Company, a company with a history of experience in flight, so this isn’t your usual crazy-guy’s-garage style of jetpack you’re probably used to seeing videos of. Apparently, the jetpack is even self-righting, so if something happened and you let go of the controls, you wouldn’t crash – it would just right itself and hover in-place.

You could have one, if you want one bad enough! You just have to sit on a 12-month waiting list before you have the opportunity to spend $90,000 to get one!

[ Gearlog :: You, Too, Could Own a Working Jetpack for $90,000 ]

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