Who’s Suing Who in the Mobile World

NY Times Mobile Lawsuits

The image above is from a post on the Bits Blog from the New York Times; a lovely infographic detailing who’s suing who in the mobile space right now.

A lot has been made of Apple’s lawsuit against HTC over gestures, but when Nokia sued Apple for something similarly inane, at best I heard silence and at worse I heard cheering to Nokia for taking Apple on. Looking at the infographic, the real answer is that everyone is piling on each other and suing one another for ridiculous reasons, but in the center there, suing everyone likely out of fear of its position in the market is Nokia, the behemoth itself.

So where’s the outrage at Nokia, or any of the other companies throwing its patent weight around?

If anything, this is proof that our patent and intellectual property system badly needs reform.

Many thanks to Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker editor) for posting this on Twitter.

[ NY Times – Bits :: An Explosion of Mobile Patent Lawsuits ]

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