Set Up a Fully Automated Media Center

windows media center

This one goes in the box of “things I definitely need to do.” Lifehacker has an excellent wrapup of how you can build a fully and completely automated media center; that is, not only does it automatically snag the movies and TV shows that you want to watch, but it take care of archiving itself, naming its own files, and tying it all together into a simple interface and experience that makes it easier for you to sit down in front of your HDTV with your computer connected to it just knowing that the program you want to watch is waiting for you, without having to worry about whether you downloaded it yourself, or having to spend tons of time downloading the things you want to see on your own.

The more automated you can make the process, the more time you can spend actually watching your media and enjoying it rather than getting yourself to the point where you can enjoy it.

[ Lifehacker :: Set Up a Fully Automated Media Center ]

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