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Smartphones are all the rage, but they’re clearly not for everyone. The majority of the mobile phones in the United States are still feature phones or plain old cell phones that are used primarily for making telephone calls, not surfing the Web or keeping up with Twitter or Facebook. But how do you go about buying a cell phone when all everyone is talking about lately are smartphones like the Apple iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid?

Well, Sascha Segan and Jamie Lendino, writing for PC Mag, have an amazing primer that I wish I had forwarded off to my parents (before I gave them my old Razr and Razr 2) to help pick a great phone at a great price that meets your needs and is on a carrier that’s right for you. You’ve seen the commercials where the carriers are sniping at one another for the quality of their networks and their selections of devices, but just because one network is bigger or one carrier has the hot new phone doesn’t mean that’s the carrier or the phone you should choose.

First of all, you have to pick what matters to you, and this article will help guide you through the process – it’s pretty definitive. Check it out!

[ PC Mag :: How to Buy a Cell Phone ]

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