Capcom’s Okamiden Trailer is Pure Adorable

If you were a huge fan of the game Okami, the third-person adventure game that put you in the role of Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess, on her quest to save the world from falling into darkness with the power of her celestial brush and ability to alter reality as if she’s drawing on a page, then you’ll love the upcoming Nintendo DS game, Okamiden, and the trailer is above (thanks to Joystiq!)

The new DS game apparently puts you in the role of a chibi Amaterasu, bounding about like an adorable little wolf-shaped goddess as you save the world all over again! The trailer was recently released, so stay tuned for more details – in the meantime, man it’s so cute.

[ Joystiq :: Okamiden Trailer is in Desperate Need of a Cheek Pinching

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