Wired’s Fall 2009 Gear Guide

Samsung UN46B7000 Television

From the absolutely stunning Samsung LCD television above to Apple’s new 13-inch Macbook Pro to Verizon Wireless’s MiFi portable hotspot, Wired has a rundown of the season’s hottest gadgets and gear that you absolutely must have, or, if you’re on a budget like most of us, must drool after.

That Samsung up there doesn’t come cheap – it’ll run you a cool $2800 retail, but the picture will be absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for some computer peripherals, the gang at Wired really enjoys the Logitech Professional Mouse MX (which I also like), which will run you about $100. Oddly enough, they’re probably the only people I’ve read who really like the HTC MyTouch 3G, but that’s another issue.

The whole guide is fun to browse through, and while you may not desperately need any of the items, you’ll certainly come away wanting some of them.

[ Wired :: Fall Gear 2009 ]

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