Site Highlight :: PCMag Gets a Complete Redesign

PCMag Redesign got a huge makeover today and while the new design is called “beta” and the folks behind the scenes are still working out the kinks, my personal opinion is that it’s a HUGE improvement. The design is sleek, well spaced, graphically interesting and chock full of interesting information, including tweets from PCMag columnists on the front page and links to articles across the network on sites like Gearlog, AppScout, TechSaver, and more. There’s even a section at the bottom where you can see some of’s most mentioned articles on Twitter, Digg, and recent comments from site visitors. Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff had some words to announce the launch of the new layout, and points out that additional changes are on the way for even more sides and wings of the PCMag network.

Now full disclosure, I freelance for’s network, mostly on AppScout and Gearlog and GoodCleanTech, so I have a vested interest in the success of the redesign, but to be completely blunt and clear, this was long overdue –’s old design was effective, but it tried to cram way too much information and advertising on an extremely long page with little to not white-space and general spacing to give the eye a break when moving from piece to piece. The new layout is much much cleaner and much much more elegant – definitely world-class and on par with some of’s competition. Head on over and take a look!

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