Lifehacker’s Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome

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When I’m at the office, Google Chrome is my friend. My computer there is low-powered and sadly so bogged down with company-mandated apps and plug-ins that even Firefox crawls barely through my daily browsing or through regular activities like clicking to see a link from an email. So I use Firefox for some sites where I need to make use of my extensions, but Google Chrome is lean and mean enough to get me through the day without crashing every other minute or dragging itself down so much as to be unusable like Internet Explorer and Firefox on the same system.

As if right on cue, Lifehacker just released its Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome, complete with some of the benefits of running a dev or beta build instead of the standard stable build, and some interesting tweaks and plug-ins you can get to keep your installation of Google Chrome slim and trim while adding some features on top (like bookmark sync via XMarks, for example). Lifehacker also describes how you can customize the start page that greets you when you open Chrome, give your search engines keywords, and more.

If you’re using Chrome or even thinking about using it, head over and check it out.

[ Lifehacker :: The Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome, 2009 Edition ]

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