Cyborg Exoskeletons May Soon Become as Common as Bicycles

cyborg exoskeleton

Over at H+, there’s an interesting article that runs down some of the cyborg exoskeleton technologies that we’ve heard about in recent years but haven’t seen much more of than a few promo videos and loose articles over. There are some pretty awesome videos of the Japanese and American versions of the exoskeleton as well.

The premise of the story is that these types of exoskeletons could soon become as common or more common than bicycles: of course they have to be extraordinarily affordable for that to come anywhere close to reality, and right now considering their cost they’re only being considered for operations where people need the body augmentation, like soldiers on the battlefield, police in riot gear or violent areas, firefighters and rescue personnel who need the strength to lift heavy objects or rubble off of people, and so on.

That being said, it’s an extraordinarily amazing concept, and the fact that you can easily lift heavy objects and run long distances and take steep climbs with minimal exertion on your body while wearing an exoskeleton like this makes the premise more than incredible on its own. I’m sure we’ll see these in regular use either by the military or by first-responders in the next couple of years.

[ H+ Magazine :: Cyborg Exoskeletons May Soon Become as Common as Bicycles ]

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