Lifehacker’s Top 10 Tricks for Making Your Playlists Rock

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If there’s anything I have a really tough time with, it’s my playlists. To the point where sometimes I just won’t make them, even though my music collection is massive, and I have plans to digitize even more. So how do I get down to business and start making some playlists, and how do I keep them fresh and keep them from sucking? Lifehacker knows the way.

Kevin Purdy, writing for Lifehacker, has put together a great top 10 list of ways you can make your playlists really special and make sure they’re just what you want them to be. From giving up on local files and putting your playlists on the web instead to tweaking Apple’s Genius feature in iTunes to making sure your tunes are properly tagged, all of the tips can make sure that you can find the songs you want to listen to when you make your playlists, and can help you make sure your playlists are just right for any mood.

[ Lifehacker :: Top 10 Tricks for Making Your Playlists Rock ]

One thought on “Lifehacker’s Top 10 Tricks for Making Your Playlists Rock

  1. David

    Ooh! I like the tip on banishing tracks! I suffer that problem.

    Also, I’ve totally got a sophisticated automatic iTunes-wide OpenTape solution in the works. 🙂 I’ve hinted at this at Plurk.

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