Overly Judgemental IE6 Splash Pages

judgemental IE6 splash pages

Ah IE6, how terrible you are. You were the browser we all loved to hate, especially when there were better alternatives out there, and even more so when Microsoft released a browser (and then another) that made you completely obsolete.

Seriously though, I think the blogger who posted these images originally thinks that they’re a bit over the top – and while I would agree if they weren’t splash pages for a personal site, I think they’re hilarious. The one above is actually one of the more tame of the splash pages, but given that IE6 is not just unsafe, horrible to use, and non-standards-compliant, I wouldn’t mind so much if it people using it got a gentle reminder to upgrade to a more modern Web browser. That being said, this isn’t exactly gentle.

There are far more splash pages at the link below, since the original owner, Joe Lifrieri, of Hugs For Monsters, has taken them down – he didn’t want them to be a distraction from his portfolio site. Well – while I can sympathize, these are too hilarious not to share with the world.

[ The Donut Project :: Overly Judgemental IE6 Splash Pages ]

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