Gizmodo: The iPhone and Pre Buyer’s Guide Flowchart

flowchart snippet
{image courtesy of Gizmodo)

The best part of this flowchart is that not only is it true, it’s hilariously true. If you’re trying to figure out whether you should jump ship from whatever carrier you have and buy an Apple iPhone 3GS or a Palm Pre, this can help you out a bit.

Personally? I’ve been drooling over the iPhone 3GS, but when I heard that Verizon is probably getting the Pre around the end of the year, I started thinking I should wait a little bit to see how that all shapes up. If Verizon bastardizes the phone with their own OS and all that “Get It Now” nonsense, I’ll probably jump ship. Then again, I might do it anyway, since the Pre really is no iPhone killer.

But that all being said, both phones have their pros and cons, and this flowchart will help you figure out which one might be best for you in the interim, and it’ll probably entertain you in the process. Enjoy!

[ Gizmodo: The iPhone and Pre Buyer’s Guide Flowchart ]

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