MacRumors Apple Buyer’s Guide tells you When to Buy Apple

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Planning a huge new Mac purchase? Maybe you’re lusting over one of those shiny new Macbook Pros, or the new iPhone 3GS? Okay, it’s pretty safe to buy one of those since they’ve just been released. But what if you’re thinking about a new iPod Nano, or better yet, an iPod Touch? Is now the right time to buy?

MacRumors has a buyer’s guide that has all but become the definitive guide for when to buy an Apple product. The site is updated as new products are announced and rolled out, and keeps track of the average amount of time between product revisions or upgrades so you don’t have to buy worrying that a newer, better version of the same product will come out in a couple of weeks. So for example, now’s probably not a great time to buy an iPod Touch, but it is a good time to buy a Mac Mini.

It’s not foolproof, but it’s an excellent reference for how frequently Apple makes revisions or upgrades to the products in its lineup, and avoids the dreaded upgrade remorse that plagues Apple lovers and customers.

[ MacRumors :: Buyer’s Guide (Time Ordered) ]

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