Lifehacker :: Windows 7’s Best Underhyped Features

windows 7 system info

I’m a huge fan of Lifehacker, I think that’s clear by now. That being said, I’ve been fiddling with the Windows 7 RC in a VM using VirtualBox on my Mac, and it’s definitely good enough to be my permanent operating system if it weren’t running in a VM (although frankly, it’s performance in VM is pretty spectacular).

Lifehacker has a run down of some of the best and most underhyped features that are coming in Windows 7, and on the whole I think it’s an excellent list. From automatic wallpaper shuffling (which I currently accomplish in Windows Vista with John’s Background Switcher), to Jump Lists, to Libraries, there are a number of really interesting features under the hood of Windows 7 that a lot of people aren’t talking about…but should be.

[ Lifehacker :: Lifehacker :: Windows 7’s Best Underhyped Features ]

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