10 Stunning Ultra-Geeky Home Cinemas

startrek theatre

Okay, I’m a fan of amazing, over-the-top home theatres, mostly because it takes a lot of time, energy, love, and probably money to build some of the more excessive ones I’ve seen. Over at DeputyDog, there’s 10 of the finest home theatres I’ve ever seen; themed movie theatres that could put actual movie soundstages to shame with the amount of detail and work that was put into them.

It’s not surprising there are a bunch of sci-fi inspired ones, with at least two of them being Star Trek based, but because I’m that kind of geek, I appreciate those ones too. The one with the actual bar on the side is a winner in my book, even if the one with all the black furniture is a little sleeker. But the Trek fans aren’t alone – there’s a remarkable Batcave theatre, and the pirate cove theatre is really cool too.

[ Deputy Dog :: 10 Stunning Ultra-Geeky Home Cinemas ]

One thought on “10 Stunning Ultra-Geeky Home Cinemas

  1. David

    Ahem, Deputy Dog, it’s spelled “Kaleidescape,” not “Kaleidoscope.”


    And Phoenix, I’m glad you like the one powered by Kaleidescape.

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