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This is another site that I reviewed for AppScout, (so head there for a comprehensive review) but I have to show some love for it here as well – I really can’t express how much this site has gotten me interested in finding new and independent music again. That’s right children, I was happy for the longest time with the musical contents of my various hard drives, but TheSixtyOne changed all of that.

Suddenly, without even knowing what happened, I have a profile, I’m bumping songs, I’m listening to jams, and I’m hoping the songs I did well get more bumps so I can bump even more songs. Yup – listening to music at TheSixtyOne is something of a game: you start with a certain number of points, and bumping songs (as in, rating them highly – think how you Digg articles at Digg) costs points. If the song you bumped does well and other users bump it too, you get points. If not, the song falls down the listings and you just flushed your points away. You can always listen to songs on “the rack” to earn free points and hear something new though, so don’t worry that there’s a “game over” anywhere in your future.

At the same time, as you rate songs and collect points, you make yourself eligible to do everything from submit discovered music to buy certain available DRM-free tracks from Amazon if the artist has made them available, and download others totally free!

So don’t blame me if you sign up and get addicted to new tunes in the genres of your choice. Trust me, there’s plenty of music to go around, and a hot member community willing to steer you in the right direction. One of the cool things I noted in the AppScout article was that while members can register as individuals and add musicians they like as friends, musicians who register as musicians can add their favorite fans to their profiles to return the favor. Pretty cool, huh? If you like your indie friend, they just might like you back.

Oh yeah – and the “pop-up video” style comments you get periodically while you browse the site and listen to music just adds to how awesome the entire experience is. Look for me, I’m (as usual), phoenix. I’m sure my profile will fill up quickly, as will yours. Honestly, where else are you going to find a band called the “Hot Bitch Arsenal?” And make no mistake, they rock the hell out.

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