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I wrote about this site for AppScout, so head over there for a complete and total review, but I had to highlight CookThink again over here.

When I think about what I want to eat, I usually look for a flavor that I’m in the mood for, or a particular craving that I’m trying to sate, and CookThink is designed for people like me. I can type in a mood that I’m in, or a type of flavor that I’m looking for, and the service will guide me to complementary flavor ideas or taste sensations before spitting out a recipe from its database that matches the mood I’m in. Type in “umami,” and then “saucy,” and get a recipe for mouth-watering chicken masala. Type in “apple,” then click on the “mood” icon to choose “soothing,” and you’ll be presented with a delicious looking recipe for white gazpacho With mint And apple.

The site’s managed to improve a bit in stability and ease of use since I reviewed it for AppScout, and added a ton more recipes. I’ll warn you though, some people seem to think that any site about food has to be a massive database of recipes, and Cookthink isn’t that. The idea is to guide you to flavors and meal ideas that match the mood you’re in or the tastes that you enjoy; and it does that spectacularly well. If you”re looking for an all-inclusive list of recipes that you simply can’t stump even with the wildest requests, you might try or someplace similar. CookThink is a completely different animal, and considering its goal, it’s an animal I want to keep around to help my girlfriend and I decide what’s for dinner.

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