How Well Do You Know Your World?

how well do you know your world?

Sponsored by TravelPod, How Well Do You Know Your World is an addictive and educational little Flash game that should probably be mandatory in geography classes. I have to admit, the game gets really really hard around level 6 or 7, and I like to consider myself something of a whiz at geography and world history. You get a map of the world, and the game gives you a location somewhere in the world, and you have probably the tiniest crosshairs in the world to use to select where that landmark, city, or historic location is on the map.

Sure, the game starts you off easily, with things like “London, England,” which should be easy enough for anyone, or even “Fenway Park, USA,” which should be easy as well. But in the next few levels, you quickly move to locations that are a little more difficult, like “Battle of Gettysburg, USA” and “Red Square, Russia.” Around level 4 or 5 you get to point out “Ayer’s Rock (Ularu).” Around level 7 and 8 you get to the doozies, like “Comoros” and “Seychelles.”

You get points based on how close to the actual location on the map you clicked, and how quickly you clicked. So speed and accuracy both count, and you need a certain number of points to progress to the next level, so make your clicks count!

Seriously though, the game is a lot of fun, and I learned more about some of the locations on the map I was unsure of in the 5-10 minutes I spent playing the game than I could remember from high school world history classes. Give it a try, and don’t get caught like poor Ms. South Carolina, who explained why it’s difficult it is for Americans to find places on maps.

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