Addicted to Apple? No Wai!

So when my colleagues at PCMag described Gears and Widgets as my personal blog that had a “healthy dose of Apple fanboyism,” I thought to myself, I’m not THAT much of an Apple fanatic, am I? I mean, I know I love Apple, and I know I love Apple products, but a fanboy? Hmm.

Well, I think they were right:

81%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

Yowza! I like to think I have a critical eye that can see through the Reality Distortion Field that Steve Jobs tends to put up around his products, but yeah, I’ll admit it. If I were headed out on a trip, I’d be bringing at least one iPod and my MacBook Pro. I do get warm fuzzies when I see other people using Macs, and I double-take in a coffee shop when I think I see someone using an Apple portable.

Anyway! Just a little holiday fun and levity for you! If you’re a Mac fanatic like me, you can see how addicted you are to Apple too:

[ JustSayHi :: How Addicted to Apple Are You? ]

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