Toyota Hybrid-X Concept Unveiled

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You know that here at Gears and Widgets we’re huge fans of green technology and hybrid automobiles. We love that kind of stuff; it’s not about some political debate for us, it’s about using technology to make the world a cleaner, greener, better place for our kids that we leave behind than the world we inherited from our parents – there should be nothing political or argumentative about common sense things like clean air, fresh water, and a healthy environment – we’ll leave the “debate” up to the politicians, for what it’s worth, but we think technology and industry, with the right motivation and some nudging by people and government, can make the world a better place.

So in that vein, Toyota’s been leading the way with the Prius hybrid vehicle. It landed at the top of Consumer Reports’ Customer Satisfaction Survey, and people not just think it’s a good car for the environment, but they love to own it, they love to drive it, and they just plain love it. It’s a great example of how with the right intentions, even the much maligned auto industry can make a green product that’s good for the environment and our communities, and just plain kicks ass and people clamor to have one.

So at the Geneva auto show, the same place that Toyota unveiled their revolutionary auto-parallel parking system last year, they’re showing off their Hybrid-X concept vehicle this year (shown above) that a lot of people think will wind up being the base design for the redesigned and remodeled 2009 Prius. of course it won’t look quite like the photos in the gallery; the Hybrid-X is a concept car and thus packed with futuristic displays and curvy surfaces that would never pass a Joe Blow focus group, but I have to admit that even if the basic design makes it into the production vehicle, I’d love to have one. It’s out and out gorgeous. Check out all of the photos and some speculation about Toyota’s futuristic and incredibly geeky design changes at AutoblogGreen.

[ AutoblogGreen : Geneva Motor Show: Toyota Hybrid-X concept ]

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