The Best Mousepad You’ll Ever Make

waxpaper mousepad

This tip is a little old, but it was new to me. Paul Stamatiou posted this back at the beginning of the year, but since my Ratzpad GS was starting to give up the ghost, I started searching for alternatives and reviews of gaming mousepads that would perform well and stand the test of time. I happened upon Paul’s article and was impressed enough that the DIY spirit in me just had to give it a shot-I mean, who could resist the opportunity to save the cash that a lot of gaming mousepads cost these days and also make something pretty cool in minutes?

Paul’s mousepad is pretty simple. You just need a good, flat, clean surface for your mouse to rest on, some tape, and some wax paper, as shown above. It’s pretty easy, and you can customize the waxpaper to be as large or as small as you’d like. It’s just that easy. I have to admit, I just tried this, and it absolutely works-I’m very pleased with the results, even with the mouse at low sensitivity. (I have the same mouse Paul has up there, the Logitech G5 gaming mouse) Want more information? Check out Paul’s entry-I would say you could head over there for a how-to, and you can, but really, this is about as simple as you think it is. Good tip, thanks to Paul, and I can personally give it my seal of approval!

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