PvP Lampoons the Zune; Zune Thoughts

Absolutely hilarious, and pretty much spot on about the Zune, the fantastically popular comic PvP did a three-comic series about the unveiling of Microsoft’s “iPod-killer” and how horrid a product it truly is. I really really love seeing the truth about what “music sharing” really means and especially the deal about having FM tuners on mp3 players.

Click the links below for larger versions, but definitely head over to PvP Online to see the comics in their natural habitat, and most importantly start reading one of the funniest geek comics on the web!

Ride the dragon, Cole! Ride the dragon!

Don’t forget to check out Penny Arcade’s take on the Zune at the same time, I think they hit the music “sharing” aspect better than anyone.

Think they’re both wrong, and I’m wrong at the same time? We’re not the only folks who can see straight through the hype to the Zune’s miserable failings. Let’s run them down, shall we?

** John C Dvorak sees through it.

** Ed Oswald, of BetaNews sees through it.

** Popular Mechanics sees through it.

** EDN sees through it.

** Podcasting News and podcasters everywhere (who the Zune won’t support) see through it.

** Andy Ihnatko of the Chicago Sun-Times sees WAY through it.

** Hell, even Microsoft fanatic Paul Thurrott sees through it.

Seriously folks, the Zune’s pathetic.

Wifi that won’t sync with my computer, or let me download music? Wrap all my music in DRM just for wanting to take it with me? Share music…for three days or three plays ONLY? MS pays the music industry a fee per Zune made, like I’m some kind of pirate (seems to be a theme with the Zune-treat your customers like criminals. Shows they care more about the RIAA than you or me)? Can’t link my existing Urge account to my new Zune and bring my music to it? Horrid interface? Battery life worse than an iPod or Sansa? Doesn’t support RSS (or podcasts?)? Doesn’t work with Windows Media Player? Can’t play PlaysForSure media? Bulky? Brown?

MS had the opportunity to really kick Apple in gear and the two of them could have gone at it, making real competitive products. Now, that hope is gone and the iPod stays on top, with no pressure to innovate aside from Apple’s own desire. Let’s hope that’s enough.

The Zune fans say that future firmware upgrades will redeem their product, but why come to market with something so immature, then? Why trust the future with your 250 bucks when you can have what you want now in other players?

I think that just because it’s suddenly “cool” to hate Apple, like the Zune fans do, doesn’t mean that it’s right to ignore the Zune’s obvious horrible weaknesses. It’s not a compelling product at all.

Yup. Welcome to the “social.”

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