Top Firefox 2 Config Tweaks

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Now that Firefox 2 has been released and the masses rejoicing, it’s time to get down to business doing what Firefox is definitely the best browser for: customization, tweaking, and personalization! No other browser on the market offers you the ability to tweak, hack, change, and add features like Firefox does, and over at Lifehacker they’ve produced an amazing list of top-tweaks and tips for Firefox 2 fans to get the best out of the brand new browser and make the most of their internet experience.

The story was subequently submitted to Digg, where it’s up to 2344 diggs at the time of this story-and hopefully many many more. From some tips on how to use about:config to tweak settings internal to Firefox to changing the default tab width, from forcing the tab-behavior back to Firefox 1.5 style to turning off chrome tooltips, this is a pretty solid list.

For example, I much much preferred the tab behavior from Firefox 1.5 to the new “close button on every tab” and tab “scrolling” behavior in Firefox 2, and was definitely hoping there’d be ways to turn it off with the new version, and thankfully there are! Check out these tips:

* Key: browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
* Modified Value: 75 (fit in more tabs before overflow enables scroll)
* Alternate Modified Value: 0 (disable scroll entirely)
* Default: 100

* Key: browser.tabs.closeButtons
* Modified Value: 3 (revert to Firefox 1.5 behavior)
* Alternate Modified Value: 2 (don’t display any close tab buttons)
* Default: 1 (display close buttons on all tabs)

For more context on how to apply those tips, and for a few screenshots, as well as many more tips and tweaks, click the link below!

[ Lifehacker :: Top Firefox 2 Config Tweaks ]

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