Firefox 2.0 Available!

firefox 2.0
(image -and links below- courtesy of Lifehacker!)

The Mozilla Foundation is officially going to release and announce Firefox 2.0 tomorrow, but the downloads and installers are already prepped on the ftp servers and ready to go! Only a few days after Firefox 2.0 RC3 was released, and with essentially no real changes, Firefox 2.0 is finally ready to make it’s official appearance on the scene, especially now with Internet Explorer 7 starting to take back a little market share. Firefox remains my personal favorite, with essentially limitless customizability in the form of themes and extensions, and in the light of security vulnerabilities that arose with IE7 in its first day in public, is still measurable secure by virtue of the open source community having all eyes on it.

Firefox 2.0 is perhaps the most compatible with old extensions that I’ve seen yet, and incorporates an entirely new tab-navigation style, allowing for scrolling between tabs with arrows on either side of the window, and a redesigned interface and theme. Extensions and addons are in a more central location, and checking for updates is a one-click process now. Having trouble with your previous extensions, try the tips here: [ 3 Ways to Make Old Extensions Compatible with Firefox 2 ]

[ :: Firefox 2.0 Setup (.exe; Windows) ]
[ Mozilla:org :: Firefox 2.0 Setup (.dmg; Mac OS X; Universal Binary) ]
[ :: Firefox 2.0 Source (.tar.gz, Linux) ]

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