Kotaku Interviews Hanah Stuart, Halo Violinist

hanah stuart
(image courtesy of Kotaku)

If you’ve ever listened to the music to the Halo series of games and thought it was astounding, you’re not alone. A lot of people, including me, are absolutely stunned at the quality and calibur of the orchestral score to Halo and Halo 2, part of what made the games so incredibly successful, and part of what’s making us look forward to eagerly to Halo 3.

Last week, Kotaku editor and gaming journalist extraordinare Florian Eckhardt sat down with Hanah Stuart, perhaps one of the most well known and loved violinists (if not the only well known and loved violinist) in the gamer world. Even if you know her music and not her name (like I did prior to reading the interview) the interview itself is an insightful and hilariously entertaining way to learn more about her, about the composition of the score for Halo, what it’s like to be at the heart of making beautiful music, even if (especially if) that music is destined for video games, and it’s incredibly amusing watching Florian try to get his game on with Hanah. That alone nearly sells the interview for me.

Careful, it’s a long one, so get a cup of coffee and prepare to snort it through your nose with laughter.

[ Kotaku :: Feature: Hanah Stuart, Halo Violinist ]

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