Fujitsu and Hitachi Announce Battery Recall Program

fujitsu lifebook

This really is the story that just wouldn’t die. While Fujitsu and Hitachi aren’t major players in the notebook computer arena, the Lifebook by Fujitsu is a pretty popular device, and both companies have popular laptops in markets outside of the United States. And both of them have purchased a decent chunk of their notebook batteries from everyone’s favorite battery manufacturer at this point, Sony.

While Sony is mulling their own global direct recall of battery cells made for a variety of computer companies, Fujitsu and Hitachi have both announced their own battery recall programs. Hitachi is planning on recalling 16,000 batteries, and Fujitsu said it would recall 287,000. Fujitsu customers can follow this link for more information:

[ :: Notice Regarding Sony Battery Pack Replacement Program ]

Hitachi will likely contact their own customers. For the full stories, check below:

[ PC Mag :: It’s Fujitsu’s Turn To Recall Notebook Batteries ]

[ PC Mag :: Hitachi Recalls Sony Notebook Batteries ]

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