Lifehacker’s 100th “Geek To Live!”

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I’m a huge Lifehacker fan and make no secret of it-I think Lifehacker has to be one of the best possible sites on the web, both for improving your life, improving your work, and wasting time. Every week, Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani writes a column called “Geek to Live,” as opposed to live to geek, which is original content in long-form (that is, a detailed article or how-to) which show you how to do everything from tweak your favorite browser to control your computer from anywhere or setting up a home file server, all the way to topics like making over your filing cabinet and how to use a Knoppix boot CD to recover lost hard drive data.

All of these topics sound interesting? Well, get to reading Lifehacker, but as a quick way to get to all of the goodies I mentioned, in celebration of Lifehacker’s 100th Geek to Live, Gina has published links to all of the previous articles I mentioned as well as a boatload of other winners and other Geek to Live columns that you can scroll through, click on, and read, and put to good use. There are a hundred articles in there, so it’s quite a bit to surf through, but you’ll definitely find some articles you need, and others you never knew you needed. Definitely bookmark this.

[ Lifehacker :: Geek to Live: The 100th Installment ]

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