Nintendo Could Beat Sony in Game Console Race, Experts Say

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At the same time as Sony was getting good reviews of the PlayStation 3 console at the Tokyo Game Show, the furor of excitement over the Nintendo Wii hasn’t faltered at all, and Nintendo’s success with the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system over Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) gaming system and multifunction device (which also plays music and movies for example) is being read by some gamers and analysts as a harbinger of Nintendo’s resurgance to the top of the gaming market, beating out Sony and Microsoft at a competitive market that Nintendo essentially started.

The Wii’s low price and innovative controller, that initially got lukewarm and even laughable reviews but subsequently has brought both gamers and game developers to the fold, both promise to make significant inroads to the next-generation console market come the holiday season. The Wii is expected to go on sale in North America in early December, less than a month after Sony’s PlayStation 3 release, but with more consoles available for purchase, and more importantly more games and a cheaper price point, which has led many price-concious gamers who are skeptical of the PS3’s high price and small number of launch titles to abandon Sony’s side altogether. Still, time will tell, but Nintendo is in a pretty good position.

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