iTunes Sales Break $1 Million in First Week

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According to PC World, movie downloads have been pretty brisk since the announcement that movies would be available on the iTunes Store, amassing over a million dollars US in less than a week since a slew of Disney movies were unveiled and readied for download online through the massively popular music store.

Most people didn’t expect quite so much success, and chalked Disney up as a supporter namely because Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is also major stockholder in Disney and has a seat on their board; but it looks like Disney’s investment has been more than rewarded, and Disney expects to bring in significantly more money by the end of the year and offer more movies for download. Disney and Apple have gotten the picture: Digital delivery of content and services over the net is a reality, and it’s the way to go for the future, whether it’s music and movies or video games and applications-from the PC World article:

The initial success of the venture, with more than 125,000 Disney titles sold in a week, should help boost confidence in the Internet as a lucrative place for entertainment companies to deliver content to users. It should also help allay fears over movie piracy, an issue the movie and recording industry has fought a tough battle against.

“We are very, very bullish on consumption over electronically delivered media and we’re taking a very optimistic view of technology as a friend, or a great enabler, and not a great predator,” Iger said.

[ Disney Film Sales Brisk on iTunes ]

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