Toshiba Announces Battery Recall Program

toshiba satellite

Toshiba appears to be getting in on the game now as well; they announced today that they’ll be recalling something like 340,000 notebook computer batteries because of worries that those batteries might be faulty. The batteries, again made by Sony, were used in Dynabook and Dynabook Satellite notebook computers made between March and May of this year.

The story was announced today, but Toshiba says that the batteries aren’t a fire hazard, like the ones used in Dell and Apple computers that were recalled earlier this year, but that the batteries could fail regardless of how carefully they’re used, and that the company wanted the opportunity to replace them.

While Toshiba announced the program, they’ve provided no details on where people can go to get more information on the program, and don’t seem to have set up a site yet. UPDATE :: Toshiba Battery Exchange Site Linked Below!

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