PC World’s 25 Worst Websites Ever

inmates for you?

From an inmate matching service to renting Chris Pirillo’s chest, from poor Pets.com to Whitehouse.com, PC World has a rundown of their top 25 worst websites ever, and yes, some of them are heraldes from the dot.com era like Pets.com, some of them were relics from former internet memes like whitehouse.com, some of them are just plain funny like neuticles.com (which offers affordable testical implants for your pets post-neuter) but all of them are, to some extent, serious about themselves.

What’s the number one worst website ever? I won’t spoil it for you, but personally? I wholeheartedly agree. And odds are you’ve been there, or go there frequently. Check out he list to find out what the offending site is!

[ PC World :: The 25 Worst Web Sites ]

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