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Mac enthusiast site Mac Recon has put together what they’re billing as the ultimate Macintosh software list. From the best applications for everything from chatting on the web to FTP, from viewing media and creating it, from adding functionality to your Macintosh as well as troubleshooting problems with it, the list is pretty comprehensive, and thinking about it, I’ve installed a number of these applications on my MacBook Pro. The list is separated between free applications and not-so-free applications, with some of the goodies on the free side being Adium for chat and Cyberduck for FTP, Virtue Desktops for virtual desktops and Google Earth for fun. Some of the not-so-free applications include BootCamp (which itself is free, but Windows, which is required for BootCamp to, well, do what it does, isn’t free) and iWork 06 for productivity, and NetNewsWire for RSS feed reading.

The author promises to keep the list up to date and continue building the list into a real Ultimate Mac Software List, so keep your eyes on the list for more additions. In the meantime, if you’re running Mac OS X definitely check this list out-the software on it is more than worth a look and a download.

[ Mac Recon :: The Ultimate Mac Software List ]

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