Dell Opts for AMD Chips in its Newest Desktops

dell xps 700

While I don’t know if the XPS 700 shown above will be one of the systems to recieve Dell’s new supply of AMD processors, the wait for hardcore gaming fans is finally over; Dell has announced that they’ll start building and shipping performance desktops with a choice of either Intel or AMD processors inside, which will presumably mean more chipsets to go in those systems with AMD chips (Intel systems currently usually ship with an Intel chipset as well) which means more variety, and to many, more power to get the job done, whether that job is crunching numbers and statistics, or crunching the bad guys on the battlefield in a rousing game of Battlefield 2 or laying waste to dragons and ogres in World of Warcraft.

According to PC World:

Dell will still build its new Dimension E520 and XPS 210 desktop PCs with a choice of Intel’s Pentium D or Core 2 Duo processors, the company said today. But for the first time, Dell will offer a choice of AMD’s Athlon and Sempron chips in the new Dimension E521 and C521 models.

This is interesting news, especially now that Intel’s Core Duo and Core2 Duo processors are currently hailed as hieghts of processor achievements and are definitely the must-have processors for your desktop-but that being said, Dell is still stepping back from its long term relationship with Intel and meeting a market demand that apparently clamored loud enough to get Dell’s attention.

[ PC World :: Dell Opts for AMD Chips in its Newest Desktops ]

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