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Perhaps a more reliable and more attractive speed testing website than the old standby series of java-based tests at that tend to be either sluggish or too busy to run, answers the age old question: Are you getting the speed you’re paying for?

If you have customers who are complaining about slow network or internet connectivity speeds even though you know full well they’ve got fat pipes (the series of tubes are clogged!) or alternatively if you’re curious if you’re really getting those huge speed numbers that Comcast or Verizon is telling you that you get in exchange for that check you write them every month, this is for you.

You can select the server of your choice in a physical location, from Austrailia to Moscow to Washington DC, and it’ll run an upload and download test to see what kind of bandwidth you’re getting around the world. Additionally, you can see the results right in front of you as they’re happening, without the problems that those tests have.

Give it a try, see if you’re getting your money’s worth! After you run your test, you get a URL to share your results with the world, so let’s see what you get, feel free to link your results in the comments!

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