Logitech Starts a Revolution

logitech revolution mice

Logitech has a penchant for pushing forward in the peripheral market, innovating to the point where a moue isn’t just a thing you use to move the cursor around yoru screen, but also a productivity tool in itself; something that will help you perform easy tasks without having to take your hands off the mouse, and something that makes it a little easier to get things done. This time around is no exception. Logitech has unveiled the MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse and the VX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse for notebooks, both very very attractive, and both powerful enough to kick the butt of your current mouse, most likely.

The new mice both feature laser sensors for amazing accuracy, a range of up to 30 feet from their recievers, and more. Among some of the newest, most innovative features are a multi-function scroll wheel, a step up from the previous generation, which allows for either line-by-line scrolling that most people are probably used to, as well as a free-scrolling function which allows you to scroll freely through pages of long documents. Additionally, both mice feature a “document flip wheel,” or a wheel near the thumb that allows to move between open windows-think alt-tab on your mouse. Also, one-button search at your favorite search engine and zoom sliders adorn what Logitech is calling the “World’s Most Advanced Mice,” but you’ll have to head over to ExtremeTech’s reviews to see if the MX, at $99.99 USD and the VX, at $79.99 USD, are worth the price you’ll pay for them. (I’ll give you a hint: They are.)

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