iTunes + YouTube = Love?

inntertube interface

Over at his fabulous blog, Phil Ryu [ ] has taken the veil off of perhaps one of the best ideas to come to time-wasting software in a long long time, and of course, it’s coming to the Macintosh first. InnerTube, reportedly coming soon, looks like an application that blends an iTunes-like user interface with the ability to browse and view videos from the incredibly popular video site [ ].

The application, even in its conceptual and design stages looks absolutely amazing, and when this becomes available I’ll be all over it-anything to be able to view YouTube videos without having to go to Not that I have a serious problem with YouTube itself, but it’ll be nice to be able to surf videos and view them in a more attractive interface, and most importantly to be able to escape the horrendous and hideous comments that follow every single video at the actual website. Seriously, the YouTube community is absolutely worthless when it comes to commenting videos, and every single comment seems to be either “OMG LOL AWESOME” or “OMG THATZ GAY” or something equally ignorant and useless. So bring it on, InnerTube, I’m looking forward to you.

[ :: Surfing YouTube With Class ]

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