Apple Announces Battery Recall Program

powerbook battery

Apple announced this week that, on top of the existing recall of 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro batteries for fear of heat and swelling concerns (more information on that existing battery exchange program here:
[ ])
that it would also recall approximately 1.8 million batteries manufactured by Sony for its iBook and Powerbook line of computers-batteries which suffered from the same manufacturing defects that led Dell to announce a similar recall of 4.1 batteries earlier this month.

So far, neither Dell or Apple have significantly suffered from the recall, but Sony, who manufactured the batteries, has taken the brunt of the financial burden, with sliding stocks and widespread criticism of both the Lithium-Ion battery technology itself but also criticism of their own manufacturing processes, which Sony claims have long since been corrected. My question though is this: doesn’t Sony use its own batteries in its own laptops? I mean seriously…and I wonder if we’ll see smaller recalls by other computer companies in the future, like Toshiba and Fujitsu, for the batteries in their notebook computers.

Either way, more information on the Apple Battery Recall Program is here:

[ Apple :: Battery Exchange Program – iBook G4 and Powerbook G4 ]

and the news story here:

[ MSNBC :: Apple to Recall 1.8 Million Batteries ]

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