Dell Announces Battery Recall Program

laptop explosion

Dell has announced that it is recalling over 4.1 million batteries, manufactured by Sony under the Dell brand, that have been bundled with and sold for use with its Inspiron, Precision, and Latitude model notebook computers. The battery recall is pretty widespread and expansive, and was designed to recall batteries that have had problems like the Dell laptop shown from this still image above, which reportedly exploded while unattended on a desk at a convention, and another laptop which reportedly exploded and caught fire on board an aircraft, (that was luckily still on the ground) which led to a terrorist scare.

Either way, it’s good that Dell is stepping up to the plate, and now other notebook computer manufacturers are taking a look at the batteries that the same Sony manufacturer produced for them, companies including Apple and HP, who may have had similar battery cells shipped with their computers. Read Dell’s press release here:

[ :: Dell Announces Battery Recall ]

But the real meat of the information you’ll need, including specifically which models of laptop are affected by the recall and what information you need to collect and provide to Dell in order to get replacement batteries is at the Dell Battery Return Program website, set up by Dell to be a point of access for people concerned about the recall.

[ Dell Battery Return Program ]

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