The Complete Digg Tools Collection

digg screen

Ah, Digg. [ ] Glorious glorious Digg. Don’t get me wrong, I love Digg as a news source, and the stories are definitely interesting and sometimes offbeat that I wouldn’t hear about otherwise. But don’t get me started on the Digg community and the commenters; they’re a holy nightmare. But anyway.

The “Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Blog,” (which is really a horribly way too long title for a blog, but whatever) has a wonderful list of the complete Digg tools collection; from the Digg Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X to the Digg IRC channel to even something as out there as the Digg PSP browser for those times when you absolutely HAVE to Digg from your bathroom, the list of tools is pretty extensive, and for as much as I’m being silly about it, it’s a really good list for those of you out there that definitely love Digg. Take a look and see if anything there is for you.

[ Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Blog :: The Complete Digg Tools Collection ]

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