Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

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Let’s face it, we all have to deal with Microsoft Word at some point or another, even if it’s just a matter of having to deal with documents that were created in Microsoft Word. Most of us will use Microsoft Word, and frequently at that, and this list of timesaving tips and tricks is pretty useful if you’re eager to spend less time sitting in front of a screen with Word open and more time outside playing after having finished that paper you had to write.

Some of the shortcuts are the kind you probably know already, Ctrl+N opens a new document, Ctrl+O opens a document, but some of them are much more obscure and interesting. For example, Ctrl+Shift+D double-underlines text, Ctrl+1 sets single space line spacing, and so on. Definitely a few good tips in there worth remembering for common use.

[ Internet 4 Classrooms :: Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in Microsoft Word ]

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