Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest Winners

fake leopard screenshots

Phill Ryu started his new blog in a blaze of glory, starting it off with the famous list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Mac OS X Applications that got him off the ground, but shortly thereafter announced the Fake Leopard (codename for Mac OS X 10.5, slated to come out before the end of this year) Screenshot Contest. The contest went on, and the winners have finally been announced, and some of these screenshots are really convincing. Including goodies that some people have been convinced will make an appearance in 10.5, like a tabbed finder interface and special finder views for media like photos and movies, many of the entries sport some really attractive design that’s not just convincing but also attractive; I wish some of these folks worked for Apple!

Included with the images on the blog (each entrant offered up several fake screenshots, take a look through them all) is commentary by the judges (all developers who worked on some of the best and most attractive and useful Mac applications, sometimes they’re impressed, sometimes they’re just snarky, but it’s definitely an entertaining look at what OS 10.5 might possibly look like, or perhaps at what a few of hope it’ll look like.

[ Phill Ryu’s Blog :: Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest Winners: Better Than the Real Thing? ]

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