10 Oddest iPod Accessories

(image courtesy of Businessweek Online)

The ToiletPod, shown above, takes the cake for me. The peripheral is designed to dock your iPod and play your tunes out of the speakers on the sides while simultaeously being an incredibly expensive toilet paper folder. Hey, why not-get one of these for every room in your house and who’ll need radios in the bathrooms anymore? Just buy an iPod per bathroom and load it up with playlists for pooping!

Okay, I jest. But there are plenty of others on Business Week’s list of some of the oddest iPod accessories they’ve ever seen, from the iPod handbag to the iPod case-plus-wallet leather dealie that I would never put in my back pocket, to more entertaining ideas, like the “iPod Nano Thong” which is as hilarious as it sounds, and the belt-buckly iPod holder that everyone’s probably seen by now. Intrigued? Would you like to know more?

All the photos are in the article, links to where you can buy the products are too, if you actually think any of these are up your alley. And if you do? You likely have way too much money, but hey-I applaud you. Enjoy!

[ Businessweek Online :: 10 Oddest iPod Accessories ]

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