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The website [ ] contains what’s probably the definitive list of command line commands for Oracle 9i, Windows NT/XP, Unix/Linux BASH commands, and terminal commands for Mac OS X. If you’ve ever been curious about getting under the hood and to the command line for any of those operating systems, this is your reference guide, and definitely a site worth bookmarking, especially for Windows and Mac OS X users who are looking for commands that will give them a little extra power over managing files and applications and gathering information without always having to wade through the GUI in order to get the information that you need.

For example, need your IP information in Windows XP? Open up a command window and type the command “ipconfig /all” which will give you complete network information for all of your system’s network adapters. Okay, so you probably knew that one already, but isn’t it so much easier than right clicking on My Network Places and choosing properties, then right clicking on your active internet connection and choosing properties, and so on and so forth? Yeah-I thought so too.

Similar commands are in the list for Mac OS X, whose commands are similar to Linux (since Mac OS X is FreeBSD under the hood) in more ways than one. Kill processes, list active jobs, completely manage your system from the command line, whether it’s a Linux box, a Windows machine, you’re running Oracle 9i, or it’s a Mac. The command line is your friend; believe it.

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