Explaining Net Neutrality, and Why We Need It

The topic of Net Neutrality is complicated enough, but as something of a public service, Save The Internet [ http://www.savetheinternet.com/ ] has posted several videos that cut to the heart of the matter and help explain it in a way that I think we can all agree and sympathize with.

The first video takes a broad swipe at the issue:

And the second video gets more in depth and tackles the issue in a more descriptive way, and fleshes out some of the important issues behind neutrality:

Hopefully that will help clarify the issue, and help folks get in touch with their representatives and senators, as well as sign the petition. Much has been written on the topic of Net Neutrality, but trust me, as much as the telecomms say that you and I should “make up our own minds” about the future of the internet and that we should reject “government regulation” of the internet, that’s not what this is about at all-it’s about keeping the flow of information on the net free and independant, not tied to who can pay the ISPs the most money; it’s about forcing the telecomms to leave the internet alone instead of sacrifice the voices of bloggers and media institutions for the sake of their balance sheets, and not to hold the growth and progress of the net hostage to their ever growing wants. Head over to Save The Internet for more information, and to sign the petition to keep the Internet safe from the interests that would lock it down and decide on your and my behalf what content we can and can’t view, read, or listen to.

[ http://savetheinternet.com/ ]

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