MacBook: First Batch of Hands-On Reviews

black macbook

Okay, last MacBook post for today, I promise. A couple of new MacBook reviews came through today, and I for one am glad to see them, and for all intents and purposes, Apple’s refresh of its portable lineup with Intel machines looks like it’s created a bunch of must-have monsters that everyone should seriously look at if they’re considering a new portable in the near future, especially if they’ve been holding off on buying a Mac waiting for the transition to Intel architecture to complete. On the one side, Apple’s new mantra for it’s portables has been “Meet the [MacBook] family. Now complete.” which implies that we won’t be seeing an Intel Core Duo ultraportable notebook in the near future, or a return of the 12″ PowerBook in the form of a smaller MacBook Pro, but who knows what the future holds-there may be a “one more thing” in the future for Apple’s notebook line.

Either way, both Engadget [ ] and Ars Technica [ ] have both gotten their hands on a Macbooks and wasted no time in bringing the news to us on how they fared, how they benchmarked, and how well they feel and function. Check out the reviews, looks like Apple’s got a solid machine on their hands.

[ Engadget :: Hands On With the Apple MacBook ]

[ Ars Technica :: Apple MacBook ]

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