Windows XP on Intel Macs Part II: Success!

The website hosting the Boot Windows on an Intel Core Duo Mac and Make Money” have officially proclaimed their conversation over and the solution we linked earlier in the week at the winner. Here’s the post! [Gears and Widgets :: Windows XP on Intel Macs? ]

Using the method described on the onmac wiki [ ] and files easily made available from OnMac [ ], anyone can install Windows XP on their Intel Macintosh with a few modifications, and can partition the hard drive so you can be prompted to boot into Windows or Mac OS and the two operating systems won’t interfere with each other at all. Quite an accomplishment! It’s only been about two months since the Intel Macs started shipping, and already someone’s claimed now OVER $13,000 US in prize money for making it happen. Two determined hackers (and these are definitely the good kind of hackers) got the job done and let the world see. Great job, guys!

The trick is that a full Windows XP install CD is needed, a PC already running Windows XP is needed, and there are more than a few other tricks required to get it working, but now that it’s been proven, I’m absolutely sure that the process will become easier and streamlined methods of getting this done will start popping up all over the net. Mac On Intel has the breakdown of the method here:

[ Mac On Intel :: It’s Official: An Intel-based Mac Boots Windows XP ]

Curious to see the video proof? Mac on Intel has them here:

[ Mac On Intel :: Video Confirmation: Windows XP Booting on Intel Mac Seems Legit ]

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