Japanese Engineers Create Robot Koi, Water Snake

I for one welcome our new fishy overlords.

Okay seriously, Japanese engineers have created a robot Japanese carp, better known in the states as Koi…or do I have that backwards? These gorgeous multicolored fish (often white and orange, or white and brown or black) are seen often all over Japan, and researchers there have created a beautiful robot Koi worthy of note, since it looks just like a real fish and moves about like one too. Hiroshima-based Ryomei Engineering, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, designed the 31-inch-long robot which can be controlled remotely, can dive and surface smoothly, and has a camera embedded in it.

This isn’t out of the blue for this company, they have a history designing fishy robots, and they hold the Guiness World Record for Most Lifelike Robot Fish, according to the original poster of the article. See? [ Guiness World Records :: Most Lifelife Robot Fish ]

That all being said, click and enjoy the short movie, and check out what other folks had to say about it here:

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But wait! There’s more! Thanks to BoingBoing, [ http://boingboing.net/ ] we’ve discovered that the Robot Koi has some comptition! A robot water snake!

[ BoingBoing :: Video: Robot Water Snake in Japan ]

You can even see a video of the robot water snake over at Hack A Day [ http://www.hackaday.com ] where they’re about as creeped out by the notion of robot water snakes as we are. I mean robot Koi are one thing, they’re cute! But a robot snake that swims in water? I dunno about that.

[ Hack A Day :: Swimming Snake Robot ]

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