62 Screenshots of Windows Vista

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Tech Republic [ http://techrepublic.com.com/ ] has posted a 62-shot gallery of screenshots from Windows Vista, or rather the 5308 build that’s dubbed “feature complete,” meaning this is essentially how the OS will look when released, perhaps with some minor chages and tweaks. But all in all, the majority of the work on the operating system is complete. I’ve been clamoring to try it out myself, and I’ll be installing it soon so I can let you all know how it works, but it definitely represents a change in thinking in the way Microsoft has designed the operating system-one where a lot more attention has been paid to the functionality and look of the user interface, and so far it looks like using the OS will be a far more pleasant, user friendly, and user interactive experience.

Head on over to Tech Republic to take a peek at their boatload of screenshots, which include images not just of Vista, but the new built in Windows Mail, Windows Defender, and Internet Explorer 7, which will ship with Vista.

[ Tech Republic :: Images: Windows Vista – Here’s the New Stuff ]

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