10 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows XP

Who hasn’t complained of a slow computer from time to time? If your Windows XP machine is suffering from sluggishness, or perhaps if you have Windows XP installed on a really old heap of junk just because you have to have it (like an office computer that leaves a bit of oomph to be desired, for example) then you might be able to benefit from some of these tips. The article originally appeared on Digg [ http://www.digg.com/ ] and while it’s pretty easy to find articles and methods to speed up your Mac OS X computer, it’s much rarer to find an article dedicated to speeding up a Windows XP machine, although they seem to be in far more need of that kind of love more often than not.

Including tips like turning off indexing services, improving memory usage, and disable performance counters, the author of the posk, Vurdlak, on his personal blog Lord Of Net [ http://lordofnet.blogspot.com/ ] not only makes the suggestions, but tells you how to impliment them and what effect they should have on your computer as a whole. Check it out, and next time your computer feels a little slow, or for those of you out there who are IT support, if someone complains about their system being “oh so slow,” you’ll have a few things to try!

This article is the first in Vurdlak’s series of how to speed up windows, and if you dare, you can go forward with the links at the bottom of the article to more intermediate ways to speed up Windows XP, and then more advanced methods as well.

[ Lord Of Net :: 10 Simple Ways to Speed Up Windows XP ]

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